Unarmed Black Male

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Unarmed Black Male Film following the murder trial of a white police officer in Virginia, accused of shooting an unarmed black teenager. In April 2015, Officer Stephen Rankin responded to a report of shoplifting. Minutes after arriving in the shop parking lot, he shot and killed William Chapman. After Chapman's death, Rankin was fired from the police department and charged with first-degree murder. Chapman was one of 306 black men who were killed by police in the US last year, but just 14 police officers faced charges - Rankin was one of them. With extraordinary access to the prosecution and defence, Chapman's family and friends and those closest to Officer Rankin, this documentary from James Jones forensically follows the drama as the trial unfolds and unpicks Rankin's troubling prior record in the police department. During a summer of increasing tension across America, this film explores the reaction of a divided community to the prosecution of a local police officer. Part of the This World strand.

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