Ulster By the Sea

Taal: NL
Categorie: reportage

Ulster By the Sea Ob doc series exploring caravan life on the north, east and west coasts of Ulster. The first in the series features a proud loyalist woman whose grandchildren visit her caravan in Millisle and learn the significance of Remembrance; a group of girlfriends partying in Bundoran whose friendship transcends sectarian divisions; a gay couple who've worked hard all their lives and now own a caravan on 'millionaire's row' in Portrush; a Millisle caravan site owner and Zimbabwean employee who've struck up a meaningful friendship. Producer: Raphaƫlle O'Loan Editor: Cathy Whitla Executive Editor: Nicola Alexander

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BBC 2 HD 24-11-2021 00:15 - 00:45 Ulster By the Sea
BBC 2 HD 01-12-2021 00:15 - 00:45 Ulster By the Sea