Top of the Pops: 1978 - Big Hits

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Categorie: Rock, Pop

A pick 'n' mix of Top of the Pops classics from 1978, when in-yer-face punk and new wave rebellion coexisted with MOR suburban pop, disco fever, soul balladry, reggae and prog rock - and when two mega-successful movie soundtracks in the shape of Grease and Saturday Night Fever squared up on the dancefloor. Featuring shouty Sham 69, the cool rebellion of Ian Dury, Elvis Costello and Blondie, the media-savvy clowning of The Boomtown Rats, Kate Bush's debut with Wuthering Heights, alongside Brotherhood of Man's perky Figaro, Dan Hill's sentimental Sometimes When We Touch and the high camp of Boney M's Rasputin. Bob Marley shares chart space with 10cc's Dreadlock Holiday, and ELO and Manfred Mann's Earth Band keep on rockin'.

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