Murder, Mystery and My Family: Case Closed?

Taal: nld
Categorie: Documentaire

Top criminal barristers Sasha Wass and Jeremy Dein revisit their investigation into a troubling case from 1922, when the savage murder of an old lady in a quiet country inn led to the conviction of a 15-year-old local boy. Oxfordshire, 1922. The sleepy hamlet of Gallowstree Common was shaken by the violent murder of 55-year-old pub landlady Sarah Blake. She suffered over sixty wounds across her head, neck and hands, and her throat had been cut. A controversial police investigation led to 15-year-old Jack Hewitt being charged with her murder. The last person to report seeing the victim alive, Jack was subjected to exhaustive questioning, during which the police claimed he confessed to her murder. Despite Jack's denials, he was found guilty and detained at His Majesty's Pleasure, only escaping the death penalty because he was a child.