Is TikTok Safe? - Panorama

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Is TikTok Safe? - Panorama TikTok was the social media sensation of lockdown. An app that provided a bit of fun for people stuck indoors, it now has hundreds of millions of users. Teens across the world spend hours on the app every day. On the face of it, Tik Tok doesn't take itself too seriously, with users singing, dancing and chatting about everything from food to fashion, pranks to pets. But is TikTok safe for the millions of young people who have signed up? Reporter Tina Daheley investigates.

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BBC 1 HD 02-11-2020 20:35 - 21:05 Is TikTok Safe? - Panorama
BBC 2 HD 07-11-2020 03:30 - 04:00 Is TikTok Safe? - Panorama