Ibiza Dreams

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Categorie: Variete

Ibiza Dreams As the season comes to an end, the group have one last chance to turn their dreams into reality. Brothers Liam and Callum and their best mate George have been trying all summer to build their new videography business. Having arrived on the island with zero experience, they're trying to exchange their services for social media exposure. They finally land a new job when Wayne Lineker, owner of super club O Beach, asks them to make a number of videos promoting an event.Jake's dad flies in to visit him at the end of the season and is surprised to learn about Jake's secret side hustle. Jake began selling semi-naked photos of himself online to supplement his work as a 'butler in the buff'. But despite his initial shock, Dad is proud that Jake has been able to support himself during his first summer away from home. Liam and Cat started seeing each other soon after they met at the start of the season.

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